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ioS Fundamentals using objective-c


During this 3 day Objective-C development course you will learn to use the iOS SDK, Xcode, and Interface Builder to develop native iPhone and iPad applications


• Have attended or have the equivalent knowledge of the Objective-C Fundamentals course

What will you learn?

  • Anatomy of an Application: Understand what makes up an iOS application, including how it runs, resources it has access to and the sandboxed environment it runs under
  • Model View Controller: Understand the principal design architecture of an iOS application, the model, view, controller
  • Basic Interaction: Learn how to build a very simple application that interacts with buttons and text fields
  • UI Controls: Understand how to use other control methods such as sliders, text fields, segments, switches, actions sheets and
  • Scrolling: Learn how to create scrollable areas within your application, including the ability to scroll images, zoom images and page between a series of images
  • Navigation Controllers: Learn how to create multi-level apps that lets you navigate through your data through a series of more detailed views
  • Pickers: Pickers are views that presents the user with a set of rotating wheels to allow them to select a value from a list
  • Tables: Learn how to create and populate tables to represent data sets. Learn how to customise the view of the tables and cells
  • Tab Bars: Learn how to create Tab Bars for utility style applications
  • RSS and json: Learn how to access an RSS and json feed from a web server
  • Auto Layout: Learn how to use auto layout to make you app work with different size screens or handle rotation
  • Class Sizes: Learn how to use size classes to build user interfaces that adapt to any screen size
  • UIWeb Views: Learn how to display live dynamic web pages directly in your application
  • MapKit: Learn how to display maps, navigate to certain locations and drop pins as markers
  • Gestures: Learn how add gestures to your apps to make them more dynamic
  • Physics Engine: Learn how add custom physic effects to your app to make a more dynamic interface


Duration: 3 Days
Price: £695 + VAT

Upcoming Classes

3 - 5 May, London
3 - 5 June, London
3 - 5 August, London