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Advanced ios using Objective-C


Advanced iOS App Development covers the key areas most commonly used in creating an deploying business or enterprise apps.


• Have attended or have the equivalent knowledge of the Objective-C Fundamentals course.
• Have attended or have the equivalent knowledge of the iOS Objective-C Fundamentals course

What will you learn?

  • Printing: Learn how to find and print to AirPrint compatible printers
  • Multitasking: Learn how make sure of iOS’s multi tasking capabilities including background file transfers, completing tasks in the background, location updates and fetching data
  • Social Media: Learn how to integrate your app with social media sites using Apple’s frameworks for Facebook and Twitter
  • Contacts: Learn how to access the local contacts by using the Contacts Framework
  • Calendars: Learn how to access the local calendar by using the Event Kit Framework
  • Location and Map Services: Learn how to display maps, navigate to certain locations, drop pins as markers and find your location
  • Push Notifications: Understand how push services work and how you can utilise them to send messages to your users
  • Localisation: iOS supports over 40 languages. Learn how to localise your app to support multiple languages
  • Document Handling: Learn how to handle, display and move documents within your app and between applications
  • Keychain and Security: Learn how to store passwords securely as well as other security techniques to protect your data
  • Advanced AutoLayout, Size Classes and UIStackViews: Learn some of the more advanced features of adaptive layouts including using auto layout in code, creating constraints between objects on different hierarchy  and animating UIStackViews
  • Defaults: Learn how to use the NSUserDefaults class to make saving app preferences a lot easier
  • Custom Segues: Learn how to create custom segues to provide alternative animations and functionality


Duration: 2 Days
Price: £495 + VAT

Upcoming Classes

3 - 5 May, London
3 - 5 June, London
3 - 5 August, London