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Advanced Objective-C


Advanced Objective-C is a two-day training course that expands your knowledge from the Objective-C fundamental course. It covers key topics that allows you write more efficient and advanced code.


• Have attended or have equivalent knowledge of the Objective-C Fundamentals course. 

What will you learn?

  • Overview: We first start with a recap on how Classes and Objects are implemented in Objective-C
  • Inheritance: We take a deeper look at inheritance and how you can use it to extend your classes
  • Composition: Composition is another way of extending your classes. You can more complex classes from multiple simpler ones
  • Categories: Learn how to use categories to extend the functionality of existing classes. Very useful if you want to extend a class that you do not have the source code for
  • Protocols:  Protocols are used intensively by Apple throughout their APIs. A protocol specifies what methods a class must implement
  • Dynamic Typing: Learn how Objective-C uses dynamic typing to make decisions about classes and objects at run-time. Run-time programming is what makes Objective-C unique and very versatile
  • Key Value Coding: Learn how KVC allows you to access objects in a more flexible way than hard coded statements
  • Key Value Observing: Learn how KVO is used to monitor and respond to objects whose state has changed
  • Predicates: Learn how to use predicates to build dynamic statements which evaluate properties and collections
  • Blocks: Introduction to Blocks. Learn what blocks are and how to create them and utilise them. Blocks are becoming a key skill every developer will need
  • Grand Central Dispatch: Learn how to use Grand Central Dispatch to make your applications more efficient on multi core CPUs
  • Errors: Learn how to capture errors and exceptions in your code


Duration: 2 Days
Price: £495 + VAT

Upcoming Classes

3 - 5 May, London
3 - 5 June, London
3 - 5 August, London