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Advanced Swift


Advanced Swift is a two-day training course that expands your knowledge from the Swift fundamental course. It covers key topics that allows you write more efficient and advanced code.


• Have attended or have equivalent knowledge of the Swift Fundamentals course. 

What will you learn?

  • Enumerations: Following on from the beginner’s course we will look at how you can add functions to enumerations (enums) as well as how to use them to override operators
  • Structures: Structures are first class within Swift. Here we will dig deep into structures looking at such features as lazy stored properties, computed properties, property observers, type properties, subscripts
  • Classes: Here we will dig deep into classes, looking at such features as lazy stored properties, computed properties, property observers, type properties, subscripts, subclassing, overriding, inheritance, initialiser chaining. You will also learn how to make your classes public and private
  • Generics: Generics are a very powerful tool within Swift. You will learn how to utilise them to create functions and types that can work with any type of data
  • Extensions:  We will look at how to use Extensions to add additional functionality to classes, structures and enums
  • Protocols: A protocol defines a blueprint of methods, properties, and other requirements that suit a particular task or piece of functionality. We will see how you implement protocols with classes, structures and enums
  • Closures: Closures are self-contained blocks of code. We will look at how you create closures, pass closures around, nest closures and how closures capture values from the surrounding context
  • Nested Types: Swift enables you to define nested types, whereby you nest supporting enumerations, classes, and structures within the definition of the type they support
  • Observers: You will learn how to implement observers on properties
  • Pattern Matching: Learn about all the ways you can pattern match in Swift
  • Grand Central Dispatch: Learn how to make use of multi threading in your application using GCD
  • Error Handling: We will look at how the new error handling in Swift including throwing and catching errors
  • Playgrounds: You will learn how to use some of the advanced features of playground in Xcode including the APIs Apple supply as well as creating custom playgrounds with pre-populated data


Duration: 2 Days
Price: £495 + VAT

Upcoming Classes

3 - 5 May, London
3 - 5 June, London
3 - 5 August, London